La nostra laurea triennale

A community of research


University is not an institution where one can just obtain academic titles. University is a community of students and teachers who together learn to love thinking itself, to understand the questions which rose from ages past and to deal with new questions as and when they emerge. For teachers, indeed there is a need for constant presence, the desire to face new themes every year, a style of teaching in which the lessons are supplemented by seminars, conferences and meetings that allow free speech to evolve through the medium of diverse free-thought expressions. For students it necessitates the will to take part actively in academic life and to be co-responsible for its good performance with a critical and creative presence. For everyone, it also implies encouraging an atmosphere of friendship, which is not only a nice feeling, but a shared ideal. This is the spirit which distinguishes the study of philosophy at Tor Vergata.

A clear study plan


The itinerary of the graduate programs in philosophy have always left a lot of freedom for the students to decide when to take an exam, freedom to choose between several optional courses thus facilitating a student to draw a career path which is both specific and different from the rest. For this, students must complete at the beginning of his academic year their “piano di studi??. The degree program in philosophy at Tor Vergata offers the simplest and most transparent mode of filling in the courses of choice. Each student will be at ease to choose the courses and to select the best way to initiate the program.

Critical thinking


How avoid the risks between rules which are too strict and indications which are too vague? Our solution is both clear and rational: In the first two years there are seven obligatory courses which cover the three principal divisions of philosophy (theory, esthetics and ethics) and the respective historical periods: in this manner it caters to the broad formation in the classics of philosophy which in turn helps to master deeper questions of philosophical discourse. For the third year, three or more courses must be chosen among many courses offered for the post-graduate program. In this way the student is introduced into a study project which is both original and customised. During the course a student can chose among different classes which connect philosophy to other disciplines: education, history, literature, art, economy, anthropology, law. Who already studied philosophy at the high school, will find something familiar, but more importantly, something which is very novel in its appeal. This approach does not confine to certain know-how of the past but to understand what is said with rationale of contemporary world view and to interpret in a critical manner its rapport relative to the questions of today.

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